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Majorca Hotels

Welcome to Majorca-Hotels.Com! We hope to connect you to the best hotels and places to stay in Majorca.

Majorca (or Mallorca as people also know it) is the largest island in the Balearic Islands,located in the Mediterranean sea and make up part of Spain.

The history of the island can be traced as far back as 6000-4000 BC and was occupied by the Romans for a few hundred years from 123BC. The middle ages came and went until Majorca came under the ownership of Spain in the 18th Century.

Today, there are more than enough reminders of a rich, cultural past with some great architecture,culinary delights and historical sites.

Majorca is now known for being a fantastic holiday destination for people from all around the world but especially popular with both German and British holidaymakers. The island weather is hot and dry in the summer with an average high of around 30C (around 87F).

Majorca boasts many great hotels and resorts,spectacular scenery and an amazing Capital in Palma with it's huge cathedral which began construction in 1229 and finished in 1601. Palma has great shopping with it's markets and modern stores,restaurants,large harbour and night life.

Whatever holiday you're after,whether slow paced,sporty,historical exploration or lazing by the pool,Majorca-Hotels has everything you're looking for.

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